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The Italian brand Fiat has had ups and downs in its automotive career, like a lot of Manufactures. Over the past several years, they’ve managed to bring themselves back on top. Today, the Fiat automotive group includes many brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and also the American group Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM. With a used Fiat for sale, you’ll find your happiness, because the expertise of this Italian manufacturer is second to none. With the introduction of the all-new Fiat 500, Fiat has targeted an all new customer base and this new model is selling extremely well. Currently, the North American range is only composed with this one model and its variants convertible Abarth. Fiat has known a great career and has become legendary in the automotive world. Feel free to find your used Fiat in our inventory!

Used Fiat - Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment is one of Fiat’s main goals, that has made available its abilities and technological progress for years, and has tried to increase public awareness: safeguarding the environment is a major challenge that concerns the culture and behavior of society as a whole. As part of its commitment, Fiat has involved not only its partners in industry, but also government and local institutions, in a constant effort to reduce the environmental effects of its products and production processes. Concrete, specific mobility and safety projects, for example, are the Athena Project in Naples and the Electra Parks in Turin and Livorno, in Italy. Read more

Chrysler Now Owned By Fiat

Fiat SpA (Fiat) announced yesterday that they had come to an agreement with Chrysler's second largest shareholder, VEBA, where it's U.S. subsidiary, Fiat North America LLC (FNA) will acquire VEBA's 41.5 percent stake in Chrysler. This transaction is expected to close by January 20, 2014. VEBA will receive $3.65 billion for it's stake in Chrysler. Fiat will pay $1.75 billion of that in cash. The remainder will be provided in the form of special dividends to Chrysler shareholders. Fiat will donate it's own share to VEBA. Chrysler Group will make further contributions to VEBA, up to $70 million in four annual instalments, the first of which will be paid when the agreement is formalized. Further instalments will be paid annually for three years. The UAW (United Auto Workers) union is committed to supporting the activities of the new entity.

Fiat Industrial Moves To The UK, Fiat SpA Next

In a striking blow to the Italian government, Fiat Industrial is moving it's tax residency from Italy to Britain. Fiat Industrial is one of the world's largest bus manufacturers, who also makes tractors and heavy duty engines. The company was formed when the Fiat group split it's equipment division (Industrial) from it's car division (SpA). Fiat is one of Italy's largest companies and it's biggest private employer. Unemployment in Italy is already at a 20 year high as the country is in the midst of the second year of a recession. The information came to light in an SEC regulatory filing in the US as it prepares for the total acquisition of CNH (Case New Holland), which it already owns 81% of. In it, the company said that it "intends to operate in a manner to be treated as resident of the United Kingdom for tax purposes."

Marchionne Stepping Down

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne has announced that he plans to step down at the end of 2018. That year will mark the completion of his $70 billion, five year strategic plan announced on May 6 to expand the combined automakers. Marchionne said in an interview that he plans to do something else, perhaps pursuing other interests such as theoretical physics. He said "I am not going to do any more turnarounds. I'm done; let some of the young punks do it." He has suggested that the role he fills will have to be reconfigured, possibly being split among more than one executive. While it is not an official list, there are a few names being tossed about as potential replacements for Marchionne. Some of these include Fiat's European chief Alfredo Altavilla, Jeep head Mike Manley, head of Fiat Brazil Cledorvino Belini or CNH Industrial CEO Richard Tobin. It is certain that Chairman John Elkann, a member of Fiat founding family Agnelli will not be on the list. As the company's largest shareholder, he has said that his non-executive role "has worked well" for the family.

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The Fiat 500 GQ Edition

The Fiat 500 GQ Edition

After first being pegged as a 'chick car', Fiat's 500 is undergoing a makeover. Targeting male customers, Fiat has released a new "GQ" edition, aimed at metrosexuals...

Fiat's Panda Coming To Canada

Fiat's Panda Coming To Canada

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